PeritusAg Resolution is an Agricultural Consultancy Firm that specialises in providing expert advice in agricultural loss across Australia, New Zealand and Internationally. Our extensive network of associates and consultants throughout Australia and New Zealand ensures that all of the services we provide are undertaken and completed in the most cost efficient manner possible. Clients include insurance companies, state and federal government, corporate agribusinesses, solicitors and primary producers.


We determine the right approach to meet our clients’ goals and help them realise what’s possible


We tap into an experienced network of agricultural professionals with the right knowledge for each challenge


Our team delivers solutions with clear and achievable roadmaps to accomplish successful outcomes


Our recommendations follow methodical, comprehensive and
intelligent investigation, covering every detail in minutiae

Recent Projects

  •   Overview: The plaintiff in this matter alleges that spray drift from a macadamia farm caused fish deaths and deformities in the fish hatchery owned and operated by them. ARC was appointed by the solicitors acting for the insurer of the macadamia farm (“defendant”) to...

  •   Overview: The construction of a new railway line negatively impacted flood mitigation earthworks that had been constructed by the plaintiff in this matter. A series of floods over three years caused significant damage to the flood mitigation infrastructure as well as causing direct losses...

  •   Overview: The solicitors acting for the United States based insurers of a cryogenic storage equipment manufacturer appointed ARC to act for them in Australia. A stud cattle breeder alleged that a storage vessel manufactured by the insured and used to store frozen bull semen...

  •   Overview: ARC was appointed by the insurers of a spraying contractor to investigate a claim from a grower that a spray operation carried out by the insured had damaged a chick pea crop. It was not clear whether any damage had actually occurred to...

  •   Overview: A large corporate had lodged a claim for the value of a pine plantation lost in the Victorian Black Saturday Fires of 2009. The claim was being assessed by a Court Appointed Independent Advisory Panel. ARC was appointed by the solicitors acting for...

  •   Overview: A miticide had been incorrectly recommended and widely promoted to commercial growers by an agricultural re-seller as being safe to use on cymbidium orchids and certain other ornamental plants. The chemical caused varying degrees of damage in commercial nurseries with the final effe